Automation, Robotics and Computer Vision Laboratory (ARVC)
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Research Lines

Automation and Process Control

Automation and Control The research of our group in this area is focused on process monitoring and data acquisition systems. We have also developed prototypes for specific automation tasks. We work at the software level (supervision systems) as well as at the hardware level (instrumentation and sensing). We have carried out projects for different industries, including leather tanning, shoe manufacturing, stone/marble cutting, etc.


Robotics At present, our work is focused on mobile robotics. In this field we perform research on different techniques: simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM); appearance-based navigation; and robot cooperation. We have also expertise in telerobotics and climbing robots. In this field, we have developed a prototype of a parallel robot devoted to palm-tree climbing.

Machine Vision

Machine Vision We work on machine vision applied to quality control (calibration, defect detection, etc). In this field, we have developed quality control systems for different industries, like stoneware manufacturing, glass manufacturing, aluminum industry, etc. We also perform research on object recognition, particularly free-form object recognition using appearance-based systems. Finally, we have also expertise on subpixel-accuracy vision systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence In the artificial intelligence field, we work on machine learning and data mining techniques and also on expert systems. Machine learning techniques have been applied to robot learning by imitation of the human behaviour. We have developed an intelligent robot-grasping system based on the imitation of human grasps. In the data mining field, or relevant information retrieval from huge databases, we have worked mainly with image databases.

Computer Systems, Communications and Web Applications

Remote Lab Our main research area is web-based control. We have developed a control architecture suitable for different applications. One of these applications is e-learning. We have  different remote laboratories: Titere:machine vision lab, Recolab:remote control lab, cooperative mobile robotics lab, ARTE:robotics simulator. These laboratories allow the students to perform experiments at home, using the lab equipment remotely and checking the results by means of real-time video.

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